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Our approach

is operational

palero acquires companies in order to generate significant increases in value by making operational improvements. Therefore, palero capital exclusively advises palero invest S.à r.l., an independent investment company located in Luxembourg. palero invest is backed by an exclusive circle of high-profile institutional investors, who allocate up to EUR 20 m equity per transaction. In cooperation with management, we aim to improve revenue and profitability and thereby secure the company and jobs. palero acts quickly and pragmatically during the acquisition process. We strive for simple deal structures, even in complex transaction situations.

As an independent investor palero takes transparent and reliable decisions. The palero partners play a strong role in active business operations thanks to their own operational experience. Here as well we consider ourselves as ‘operational experts’, intensely involved in the operational business as long as it supports the sustainable reorganisation. We focus on the operational improvement of companies and pursue a sustainable approach. Our approach and our structure clearly differentiate us from traditional private equity companies.


is taken serious

palero is a member of the Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative (PRI) of the United Nations. We are committed towards sustainability in the area of private equity investment and seek to include those principles in our daily business. Thus, respect, social and environmental issues are additional drivers in our investment and management decision-making process. We stand for sustainable investments.

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